Case Study 4. - A Challenge for R&R in Historical Hitchin.

Case Study 4. - A Challenge for R&R in Historical Hitchin. Click here to view gallery

The following customer lived in an 1800’s property with traditional timber sash windows. The house was located on the corner of a High street and was formerly a retail shop. The house had oak sash windows and a large shop front window. It had been recently purchased and was given a change of use back to a home. The new owners realised the windows were in a very poor state and contacted us in the hope they could be restored.

The sash windows were in an incredible state of disrepair. There were completely rotted sills riddled with woodworm, broken glass, rotted sashes and in one case the box of the sash has large vegetation growing in it. The windows were historic and the building was listed. The new owners were desperate to restore and R&R took up the challenge. The survey was carried out and the detailed quotation was produced.

The extent of the repairs meant the work needed to be undertaken before another winter. The windows were all stuck closed, broken cords, broken panes of glass, lots of failed putty and the sashes were broken at the tenon joints. In one case the side of the sash had completely broken away and was held together with crude nails.

The work involved carefully removing the sashes and exposing the full box. All the sills had completely perished and were soaking wet. This had over a number of years caused the lower part of the box to rot away. The outer liners and the pulley stile had rot and woodworm approximately 12” from the bottom of the window.

The sills were carefully re moved and the lower supporting brickwork needed to be re bedded and re pointed as it was loose. New Iroko sills were installed and the sills were bedded and pointed to ensure no further water ingress occurred. The boxes were completely stripped of paint so the timber repairs required could be exposed. New seasoned timbers were fitted to restore the areas of rot and the box was then fully decorated with primers, preservatives, undercoats and gloss.

The sashes were also in a similar state of disrepair. The joints were rotted, broken panes of glass and crumbling putty on almost every pane. The sashes were also stripped of their paint and all the repairs carried out to ensure the sash was sound and rot free. The sashes were also redecorated.

The windows were re assembled with new cords and rebalanced with extra make weights. The whole window was then draught proofed using the unique Teflon seal and new furniture was installed.
During the renovation process original shutters were found to have been boarded in. The customer requested to have these available to be renovated later in the year. All the boarding was removed and a small access cover was fashioned to match the existing period timberwork.

The whole renovation process was captured on camera and images showing before, during and after are featured. The customer was thoroughly delighted with the outcome and has since placed an order to have their main entrance doors renovated. The work was commented on by the passing public as they watched the building transform over several weeks and other enquiries have come as a result of their work.

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